Taraxacum officinale

Taraxacum officinale, COMPOSITAE family 1. Habitat- well drained forest hillside with alder, fireweed, grass, wild geranium and Rosa acicularis. 2. Leaves, basal rosette of long toothed leaves. 3. Flowers, solitary. 4. Compound florets. 5. Fruits, achene. 6. Petals, single petal and stamen per floret. 7. Sepals, 11 deeply bisected. 8. …

Rosa acicularis dissection 2/4

Rosa acicularis, family ROSACEAE 1. Habitat- well drained hillside with alder, birch, wild geranium, and high bush cranberries. 2. Leaves, odd pinnate with simply serrate leaflets. 3. Inflorescence- flowers solitary 4. Flowers, perfect, actinomorphic, 5-merous. 5. Fruits- none present. 6. Five petals. 7. Five sepals. 8. Many stamen. 9. Indehiscent …

BINGO I had trouble finding a few this time of year so found photos on the web for those. In a month I should be able to find all nine easily here!

Dichotomous key

Dichotomous Key A. Leaves needlelike, plant tree form, fruit is a cone (Bin 1) A.  Leaves flat, plant herbaceous and flowering B.  Leaves Simple (Bin 4) B.  Leaves Compound C.  Flowers contain six petals, violet (Bin 3) C.  Flowers contain four petals, white (Bin 2)