Plant Dissections

I wanted to get this published before I head down from Anchorage to Hope to camp for the night. I am looking forward to checking out the wildflowers on the way. I worked a lot this week, so two of the plants were from my work, one from indoors and one from the parking lot. I wish I had more time to dissect and label with more detail. I had a lot of fun using the macro lens. I found that the lighting was difficult for me and I tried to use white paper to reflect as well as an additional desk lamp.

Visser Rosa dissection

Visser Vetch Dissection (1)

Visser Rheum Dissection

Visser Mentha dissection

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  1. Fantastic job on these dissections! I love the dissections of the rose hip, shows the aggregate of the achenes very well. Love the rhubarb dissection of the achenes, very nice images. Interesting to see how you guys grow the spearmint, neat!

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