Dichotomous Keys

OK. I am trying this with the four plant pictures now instead of the shoes.   Let’s see if I am on the right track.

A. Plant is Woody                                         Plant 1

A’ Plant is Herbaceous
…..B. Plant produces flowers
……….C. Plant with white petals                Plant 2
………..C’ Plant with purple petals              Plant 3
…..B’ Plant does not produce flowers          Plant 4


  1. meanderson5

    Oh tricky. Yes, I see now. Thanks for the information. Willows are one of the plants I have less knowledge about and no experience with, but I have a strong desire to consume young willow leaves in the spring, especially the Sura, which, I believe is what they call the Diamond willow. There are just so many willows and I find it a bit overwhelming at times. I can’t wait to try them one day.

  2. The willow photo was definitely the trickiest, especially if you are not as familiar with the plant. I like the simplicity of the categories, I think keeping it simple if possible is nice for all folks to be able to understand the dichotomous key even if they are not as familiar with technical botany/plant terminology.

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