Pressed Plants

I harvested and pressed this Eskimo potato plant, called Masu in Nome, and I was not able to dig up the roots as they are deep and I did not have the proper tools or the time to do this properly.   I therefore added a photo of a drawing of the roots for the plant that was taken directly from The Plants That We Eat, by Anore Jones.
Jones, A. Plants that we eat. Nauriat nigiñaqtuat. University of Alaska Press, Alaska. 2010


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  1. Great Marcia! It is hard to dig out the roots and often it is also more difficult to press those, as they are often very fleshy. So the drawing works. Think about adding a collection number to your name: Marcia Anderson 1. So in case you collect more than one plant on this day, you will be able to separate them more easily. It is often very useful when you are in the field and stick your plant into the newspaper for drying, and you might not know right away what the plant is, so you can just write the number of the newspaper and reference it to your collection number. Best, Steffi.

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