Plant Dissection #1

I had trouble with Thinglink too, and the delete function doesn’t recognize my password.    I’m going to just upload this one so it doesn’t get lost and continue working.

MVS Plant Dissection 1

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  1. Thanks Maggie,
    the sunflowers have inflorescences, so each sunflower is actually an aggregate of flowers. There are flowers (or in this family they are called florets by some) on the periphery that are showy and yellow (in case of many members of the sunflower family, while they can be white, purple, orange and other colors), these actually have petals, than there are other flowers in the center that are highly reduced that are green in your case, in the sunflower those are the ones that are a darker brown, these are the disk florets and the oetals are highly reduced in these. All of the flowers sit on an enlarged receptacle. Each flower is subtended by a tiny bract and since the flowers sit on the receptable they are called receptacular bracts. The whole head of flowers in enveloped by bracts, the involucral bracts, that most of the time are green. See diagram below. Nice pictures, best, Steffi..

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