Plant Dissections

Hello, I could not get the Thingslink to work properly for me, so my dissections are attached in these links.

Caryophyllaceae MAnderson

Onagraceae MAnderson

Asteraceae MAnderson

Ericaceae MAnderson


  1. Thanks Marcia,
    these are gorgeous! Perhaps you can still upload the images to the media for the website, so I can work with those later.

    For the Cayrophyllaceae, the petals that you described as split, are indeed cleft, great observation. The style is 4-parted, nicely illustrated!

    For Onagraceae the style is also four parted and as you noticed the stigma lobes (4) are recurved. Generally, when you see four styles it means that there are four carpels, you would need to cut the ovary in cross section, meaning to cut the ovary at a right angle to the length of the ovary, it might show you the four leaves that formed the ovary and you would see the midveins (as little bumps) at the periphery of the ovary. In other groups where there are septa you would see four distinct chambers instead of one opening (the locule).

    Love the picture of teen using OptiVisor 🙂 . Great job on these!!!

  2. Marcia E Anderson

    Yes, thank you. The Cayrophyllaceae was a bit small and tedious. I wished I had an even stronger lens for that one. Now that I see your answer to the Onagraceae style, I am curious to see the ovary in cross section and compare it to plants that have a septa.
    I will attempt to upload images into Thingslink. Marcia

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