Dissection #4 Rhubarb

Rhubarb dissection

Rhubarb plant in the genus Rheum Polygonaceae family. Found growing along the Chena river at Princess Lodge in Fairbanks Alaska.

Herbaceous Perennial. Small scale habitat with a plant height of 16 inches. Rhizomes form along with leaves with very large petioles. The leaves are elongated and heart-shaped.

Similar to concordats shape in the leaves with very present veins. Palmate leaves. Venation   Leaves start or begin their life on large petioles or the stalk of the leaf. The plant has not produced flowers or fruits containing seeds yet. Premature flowers.

Root hairs, and root. Meristem shown. Can view epidermis of the root system. Root nodules or tubercles are shown. Primary and secondary root. Root branch also displayed near the epidermis. The flower has not produced. Inferior ovary and inferior buds.  

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