Happy summer everyone:)

I was born in the Yukon, and was raised in the bush by two biologist/botanists, so this feels a bit like coming home:) It will be like hearing my milk tongue again after so long….I learned to say ” Zigadenus elegans Pursh ” before I knew how to tie my shoes. My dad still quizzes me from time to time:) Ironically, both of my folks graduated from UAF in the 60’s. I now live in Juneau. I have albums and albums of botanical photos from all over the world…I even know what some of the subjects are (squinty, smiley emoji here). I have been hard at social sciences for 5 years now academically, and I work with people all day long (and I do love them, I really do), but the idea of spending quality time with plants is positively delicious in contrast right now! I am very much looking forward to this class and exploring with- and getting to know some of you! If anyone is in Juneau, and is interested, we could meetup for collecting and whatnot.




  1. Welcome Amy, wow, that sounds like a wonderful childhood. A bit what our three kids have been through, traveling the world in pursuit of plants. It is a fabulous way to get kids honed into organizing skills and just plain old observational skills, and it keeps the hikes interesting. Love your images, some nice carnivorous plant pics.

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