Hello, Everyone. My name is Ethan Cary. I am in the Air Force, and have been stationed at Eielson AFB for nearly two years. I am taking this class because I thought it would be more interesting than a standard Biology lab, and I would be able to learn a little bit more about Alaska while I am here. I’m not much of a sciences person (I am studying accounting), so I expect to need to put a bit more work in to get familiar with the concepts of the class. I look forward to learning with you all.

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  1. Welcome Ethan,
    I think this is a great opportunity for you to learn a bit more about the plants that are found around you. My mom was an accountant and I love numbers too. Learning plant names is a very organized activity, and often times creating spread sheets with the names and characters of the individual plant families is very helpful. Shoot me an email if you have any particular questions about anything, it should be a fun class for you.

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