Hi everyone!

My name is Shellie and I live in Ketchikan, Alaska. I work for UAS Ketchikan in the Maritime department. I am working on an Indigenous Studies Master’s degree through UAF and focusing my studies on traditional plant uses here in SE Alaska. My husband and I moved to Ketchikan 6 years ago from Idaho with our five kids. We love to hike, gather wild foods to eat, and have bonfires on the beach. I love plants and that’s why I am here! Because I don’t have an extensive history in botany, I am looking forward to gaining a more solid understanding of plant structure and reproduction. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you.

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  1. Welcome Shellie,
    thanks for posting, sorry for the delay in responding. I hope this class has been providing you with some more in-depth understanding of plant structures and how to talk about them using botanical terms. Best, Steffi.

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