Hello! Introduction

Hello, everyone. Finally, able to post my introduction after weeks of IT issues.
I’m Anne Young, a life long Alaskan (65 years) and UAF alum. I have a BS Anthropology and almost (abd) a masters degree specializing in historical anthropology and experimental archaeology. I’ve had the privilege to travel over a large part of Alaska over the years and have visited Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. I had fun observing the similarities in plant life to what I knew at home

This is the first time I’ve returned to the classroom in several decades and the technology available for distance learning is astounding. I’ve been paddling frantically to catch up.

I’ve always been interested in the plants of Alaska, mostly from the perspective of food supplies. Knowing what will grow here as well as what is wild and edible has been vital knowledge for my family. Adding the scientific vocabulary for plant identification to the hunt is a new adventure.

Stone wall in Iceland with moss and lichens


  1. Excellent! Welcome Anne! I hope this class can shine even more light on the similarities between Scandinavia and Alaska. There are many plants that are circumpolar, or circumarctic in distribution, while others have an amphiberingian distribution and are restricted to the both sides of a the Bering Strait. But of course there are additional unique distributions found here as well.

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