Four dissections

My four dissections can be found on Thinglink at the following URLS.

Specimen:  Pisum sativum L.,  garden pea,

Specimen:  Myosotis L. (prob. sylvatica), Forget-me-not,

Specimen:  Fragaria x ananassa Dichesne., garden strawberry, cultivar “Charlotte”,

Specimen:  Ranunculus repens L., creeping buttercup,


I am also attaching the MS Word documents; the descriptions and photos are too bulky to post herein.

Ranunculus dissection

Fragaria dissection

Myosotis dissection

Pisum dissection


Given the visual and descriptive similarity between members of the Ranunculaceae and Rosaceae, I thought I’d give myself a challenge and learn how to tell them apart.  🙂

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