Hello Everyone Introduction

Hi my name is Louise. I live in a remote area North West of Fairbanks, near Manley Hot Springs. I’m so exited to take this class. I’m hoping after this class to be able to understand the plants around me and to be able to use them.


  1. Welcome Louise,
    it looks like you are ready to jump into this class. Thanks for showing off your microscope set-up. It is a light- or stereomicroscope for looking at very small objects. You can make preparations of cuticles, the outermost layer of the leaves and look at the cells if you have a microscope slide and a coverslip. Most of what we need for plant ID is either a hand lens or a dissecting microscope at lower magnifications than what the light microscope is capable of. If you look over the video on home microscopy, there are some ideas on how you can mimic a dissecting microscope by putting your smart phone on a stack of books and use it as such or get creative… What is our favorite plant?

  2. Louise Smith

    I ordered a macro lens for my smartphone but it has not arrived yet. My favorite plant is fireweed because it is very pretty and has many uses.

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