Dylan’s Bingo

Here is my Bingo card. I spent the afternoon walking around town searching my neighbor’s yards for all the plants. Didn’t get Bingo, but I was close!

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  1. Fun Bingo card Dylan. Not sure if the red leaf is a good example of diadelphous stamens, since I think it is a leaf of the rose family, and they generally do not have diadelphous stamens, which are commonly found in the legume family Fabaceae. But otherwise you got them spot on. Adnation can be found in Jacob’s ladder, Polemonium. Check out some of the other students dissections posts, Oona shows a great example of adnation, where the stamens are adnate to the corolla tube (see the image from her post). https://www.thinglink.com/scene/1470908261103304706

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