Introduction – Emma Reichl

Hello, my name is Emma! I currently live in Juneau, but I’ve also lived in Sitka, Valdez, Port Angelas, Marinette, Everett, and Cheboygan. I am majoring in marine biology. I am attending the UAS campus in Juneau at the moment. Whether it’s hiking or fishing, I love being outside. I have been growing plants as a hobby for about ten years now. At this point, my entire house has been taken over by monsteras and sweet potato vines. I don’t have a lot of foraging experience but every spring I will collect fiddlehead ferns and make a nice pesto from them. I don’t think I have a favorite plant, but I quite enjoy growing pothos, monsteras, and potatoes, really anything that grows fast.

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  1. Welcome Emma,
    great to have you in class. I used to have lots of indoor plants before I moved to Fairbanks, but finding a bit more challenging with the long winters here without a growing lamp. I do have a number of orchids and they are doing well, and the waxy ivy Hoya carnosa surprises us from time to time when it flowers, it is a actually rather fragrant too. Nice picture of the swamp laurel (Kalmia polifolia Wangenheim)!

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