Hello everyone! My name is Andrew and I was born here in Fairbanks and reside in the North Pole area. As a kid, I was always running off into the woods and exploring everything it had to offer (I spent a lot of time poking mushrooms with cool sticks I found). Growing up my family took part in beekeeping for a few years, and rows of fireweed would grow along side the hives which would always make delicious honey. Today I still enjoy exploring and other outdoor activities like hiking, camping, kayaking, and fishing, and I try to get out in the sun a couple times every week. I am excited to learn more about the local vegetation since I enjoy blueberry picking around places that are outside of town and full of life. So far I have brewed blueberry mead with the blueberries I picked, which turned out to be pretty good. The image I chose is one I took when we were keeping bees and one happened to land on a wild flower next to me.

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  1. Welcome Andrew,
    yes, it is fun to come back to things that your parents taught you many years ago, and finding it still to be exciting. My uncle kept bees and it was always a special treat to go over his house and help him with preparing the honey, and tending to the hives. The honey was so flavorful. Watching pollinators is a lot fun too, and there are lots of unique bees in Alaska, that I was not familiar with. I think your image is of a bee foraging for pollen on Alsike clover, Trifolium hybridum L.

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