Plant Bingo

For my plant bingo I chose to visit the North Pole Flood Control area and see what I could find that would fill out my sheet! I was able to find almost everything except porate anther dehiscence but I found an example of longitudinal dehiscence to replace it with.


Hello everyone! My name is Andrew and I was born here in Fairbanks and reside in the North Pole area. As a kid, I was always running off into the woods and exploring everything it had to offer (I spent a lot of time poking mushrooms with cool sticks I found). Growing up my family took part in beekeeping for a few years, and rows of fireweed would grow along side the hives which would always make delicious honey. Today I still enjoy exploring and other outdoor activities like hiking, camping, kayaking, and fishing, and I try to get out in the sun a couple times every week. I am excited to learn more about the local vegetation since I enjoy blueberry picking around places that are outside of town and full of life. So far I have brewed blueberry mead with the blueberries I picked, which turned out to be pretty good. The image I chose is one I took when we were keeping bees and one happened to land on a wild flower next to me.