Introduction – Aurora Barnes

Hi All,

My name is Aurora, I’m a senior here at UAF and I’ll be officially graduated after this summer! I’m graduating with a BA in Communications with a minor in Psychology. I just moved back to AK after a year in Los Angeles. I’m originally from a town in Northern California called Santa Rosa, but moved up here to attend UAF in 2019. I’m all about critters and nature. I have a fat black cat, I live with a huge Karelian Bear dog, i co-own ferrets, just raised butterflies, and I love riding horses. I like to try and stay grounded and to find ways to incorporate nature or it’s inspirations in all that I do. I’m excited to take this class and better identified with the native flora and fauna around me.

I’m not great at it, but I enjoy gardening and tending to my houseplants and want to get better versed with knowing what plants to forage. Typing this is currently making me crave shortbread cookies with lavender and flowers baked in.

I’m taking a few summer courses just for credit completion. My course load is metal smithing, intermediate drawing, advanced photography portfolio, and this class! I’ve been really interested in genetically modified plants, I like when florists dye plants and I know of scientists artificially combining plants with bacteria to make them bioluminescent. Beyond this I love moss, willow trees, and birds of paradise have a special place in my heart.

Excited to get to know you all and see all the pretty plant observations!


Aurora Barnes


  1. Welcome Aurora,
    It sounds like you will be busy this summer! Great to know this will allow you to graduate. I hope you can use some of what this class has to offer for some of the other classes. Maybe use some of your photography skills here or vise versa make some of the plants the subject of some of your photography or for the drawing class. I love baking and really enjoy seeing when folks use more of their garden in their baking adventures. Nasturtiums provide some great splashes of color for any cake… The Blushing Cook is an amazing shop specializing in floral bakes and using freshly pressed flowers for their creations. The three-storied cake and the floral brownies just look incredible.

  2. Aurora

    Here’s the second portion of my post, I’ll just put it here in the comments. I’m using a screenshot to make the file size smaller: but here’s an overlay of the flowers I took pictures of on my walk the other day. It’s vetch, bluebells, and fireweed.

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