Hi Everyone! My name is Lauren and I am really excited for this class. I’m from Anchorage and live here currently while working towards my general associates degree. My great grandparents arrived here in the 40’s and I figure they had to know a lot about nature and the wild (or learned it the hard way). I consider myself aware but not knowledgeable of the botany surrounding me and would like to change that. My favorite flower is the Lilac because of the color and softness of the petals. I’m excited to get to know/learn how to use my camera lens more because of this class too!


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  1. Welcome Lauren,
    How exciting that you are a third generation Alaskan! I bet there are lots of stories your great grandparents told their kids and so on. How different Alaska must be today. Lilac is a pretty special plant. It is fragrant and there is some nectar at the base of each floral tube. We used to suck on these to get the nectar when we were kids.

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