Introduction Dorene

My name is Dorene and I live just north of Fairbanks, AK. I have lived most all of my life in a few different regions of Alaska, calling the interior my home for the last 3. I am a non traditional student. Professionally, I work in an emotionally demanding field. I have used nature as a healer, many years ago I started looking at ways to bring plants and nature to my clients as a way to heal trauma. I have been foraging for food and medicine for most of my life here in Alaska and I love discovering new plants and new places around my home. In every new region, the first thing I do is get to know the plants around me and then I can feel at home.

If I had to choose a favorite plant I would have to say right now it is Arnica angustifolia. I always look forward to finding it at the beginning of summer. It is one of the first flowers that I gather in great abundance.

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  1. Welcome Dorene,
    I can relate to you wanting to understand the local flora before you can feel at home. Everybody should do a little bit of that on a daily basis. It really grounds you and there are so many opportunities for exploration be it for new plants, insects, bugs, birds, mammals… there is a lot going on once you take the time to observe. It can be on your own land, a park, or on a hike. There is always something new to discover.

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