Dichotomous Key- Treena Ivie

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  1. Jessica Clark

    Hey Treena! This is for the Peer Dichotomous Key review. I appreciate how your key is indented and the … leading to the identified plant. It’s visually appealing. I believe based on your key, the plants are listed as follows:
    Plant 1
    Plant 2
    Plant 4
    Plant 3
    Your layout worked for me logically once I looked at it for a bit. I think it could be more “dichotomous”, and then maybe a little easier to follow, if each letter was together like a couplet. So like
    A. Leaves simple – B
    A1. Leaves compound…Plant 3
    B. Leaves Glaborous – D
    B1. Leaves Pubescent – Plant 4
    I could be mistaken in the desired layout though:)

    I also liked that you used the leaves and followed them throughout to distinguish between these plants. I was able to use your key to determine the plants.

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