Pressed Plants

I had a lot of fun with this assignment!! Definitely more flowers will be pressed in the upcoming weeks at my household.

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  1. Nicely done Nikira,
    I like the diversity of your specimens, adding a fern to the mix is nice to see. Those lend themselves very well to a framed specimen, they are so delicate. Adding some more information about the habitat and associated species is nice for somebody trying to find your plant. Of course in our times the GPS coordinates should take you right to the area, but sometimes within the error surrounding the GPS some habitat information is nice to have. Adding the collector number is also a nice touch, but overall these work well, and are professionally prepared. The only records we have of Trollius riederianus is from Kiska Island in the western Aleutian Islands and at Cold Bay at the western end of the Alaska Peninsula. It is more common in Asia. Is that from a cultivated plant? Well done!

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