Dichotomous Key Assignment


  1. Katia Keston

    Hello Jessica, This key is articulate and it has a lot to describe plants with character. What I think would help is to differentiate the sepals and petals in the color scheme because this alludes to what visual one whorl has, but the searcher could lack confidence about which color the sepalous whorl is, whether the same or different.

  2. Kendall Kramer

    Hi! It was definitely effective and biological accurate to separate the plants by presence of needles or not right from the go- thats an easily identifiable characteristic and definitely separated distinct plants. The plant with separate staminate and pistillate flowers was a great catch that I didn’t discern myself, so good one! And then the last separating category, C, is really above and beyond due to specifying that apopetalis/ aposepulous type description. You could have just stopped at specifying the color of the two flowers but its impressive that you could recognize those characteristics as well! But you still included the colors so even a beginner botanist could make sense of the chart. Perfect!

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