Pressed Plants

Hi all, these pressed babies are from my trip down to the anchorage area this weekend, mostly from my short short hike to virgin creek falls. Hope you enjoy. I think if I could do this over I would surely incorporate more of the stems to help with identification. I’m going to be sending these to a friend/pen pall in California who also used to live in Alaska.

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  1. Thanks Aurora,
    these are gorgeous. I like how you incorporated the labels into your image. It is a nice touch. The information on the labels is mostly very complete. Be mindful of the scientific names, the genus is capitalized and the species epithet is lower case and the author follows right after the specific epithet, so Gymnocarpium dropteris (L.) Newman. You placed the author names as det. on your labels, but det. stands for determiner. Nice job on these, I am sure your friend will really like these.

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