Dichotomous Key


  1. Andrew Sterle

    Wow, this is a great key visually and structurally for identifying the specimens. I especially like the way that the two main categories are different colors for easy distinction between them. The only addition I can think of that would improve this key would be labels on each category such as A,B,C, etc. Then each one could be referenced directly and quickly for convenience. Great job on your key!

  2. Emma Reichl

    I liked this Dichotomous Keys, it is very easy to read and decipher which plant is which, the only thing I could think of for comments is that all conifers have needles so there’s no need to clarify that in the key.

  3. Chelsie Valetta

    I really enjoyed this Dichotomous key for I’m a super visual learner. It was easy to navigate and I think would be helpful for anyone new to learning how to use a dichotomous key, and to become familiar with it.

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