Introduction Emma

Hello! My name is Emma Escamilla and I’m 18. This will be my second year at UAF as I am working towards a degree in wildlife conservation. I have always loved plants and animals and am also wanting to learn and explore more. I moved up to Alaska in middle school so I have been here for a while now and love it. My favorite plant is rhubarb and cranberries. I have a lot of memories picking both in Wasilla an eating them raw with sugar or making a pie!

My passion is for animals is strong and currently I have 7 of my own ranging for hedgehog, hamster, lizards, and dogs. I recently started fostering as well and working a t a dog kennel.

My current knowledge on plants is limited but I am excited to learn more!


  1. Welcome Emma,
    I also love rhubarb! I have three large plants in my garden, and it is getting time to make the first harvest and get one of my favorite recipes going – Rhubarb Streusselkuchen. It is a sheet cake with a yeast dough as the base and then you add the cooked rhubarb on top and cover it with Streussel, which are a covering made from butter (love), flour, sugar, vanilla sugar and a pinch of cinnamon. You fold these ingredients in with two forks and form little conglomerates and cover the rhubarb. We have a native rhubarb in Alaska… Alaska wild-rhubarb (Aconogonon alaskanum (Small) Soják). It is a common roadside plant, and the Yup’ik name is: angukaq. The leaves can be eaten raw and the stem can be cooked to make pies.

  2. And I finally found my images from last season’s rhubarb Streusselkuchen. I also used some bearberries, lingonberries, and bird cherry juice in the fruit filling, so that gave it the extra deep red coloring.

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