April Dunlevy Introduction

Good Morning everyone!! I’m April. I’m a cardiology nurse practitioner. I’m currently finishing my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and figured hey, i know, I’ll take a class just for fun!! I have an interest in living sustainably and promoting health using organic locally sourced products. My goal is to be able to grow or forage most of what my family eats. I love finding plants I can make tea out of, but my favorite plants are lilacs, honeysuckle and rosemary. I’ve included a picture of a marigold my grandson has been growing on my window sill. He’s super excited about it. I’m looking forward to class! -April

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  1. Welcome April, it is great to have you in class. What a nice gift from your grandson, I remember those times when the kids would grow seeds at school and bring home some plants for the parents. This year has been tricky growing plants from seeds for me. I had a few starts but the re-occurring cold temperatures put an end to most of them. But some of the cabbages and kale survived and are doing well. I hope to harvest some big ones as in previous years.

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