Dichotomous Key- Chasity Perez

I created my key in a manner that I feel my students (5/6 grade) could do. While I’m not 100% confident that it is correct for this assignment, I feel it describes the aesthetic features of the plants with characteristics middle schoolers would notice. Of course, there are more observations that would allow us to go even further in depth and that is something that I would use as an extension for some students.


  1. Sarah Evans

    I like how clear your key is, and the different styles of lines make for easy reading! I also like how you’ve included a lot of vocabulary for your students to practice using, and it does seem like a good level for 5th/6th grade students. I also really enjoyed that you included the photos for reference, and found your key easy to read and use! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thomas Moser

    Your dichotomous key is very straightforward and that is something I can greatly appreciate about it! Having photos makes it incredibly easy to follow and especially for an educational purposes I feel it’s perfect. It’s also well labeled and I was able to follow it extremely easily. Thank you for showing us!

  3. Avatar photo Donna Levesque

    When I began this assignment, I thought, “Nope, I am not going to peak at anyone else’s ideas. This is supposed to be an original key”. The funny thing is that if I had looked at yours, in particular, I would have seen a great way to approach it: through the eyes of an elementary student. Being a neophyte myself, it didn’t even occur to me to create a key as an example for grade school students. (And I’m a teacher!) In fact, I kept thinking to myself how I wished that I’d had a botany class when I was in elementary school so that I would be much more advanced now. I’ve had a good laugh at myself for choosing the tortuous path I took to creating my key. I appreciate this collegial sharing.

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