Dichotomous Keys

I find dichotomous keys to be incredibly difficult. Hoping to get better at it.

Dichotomous Key

Has Flowers

  • Purple flowers
    • Pasqueflower
  • White flowers
    • Rockcress
  • Yellow flowers
    • Willow sp.?

Does not have flowers

  • Square needles, individually attached
    • Spruce
  • Needles attached in clusters
    • Pine

One comment

  1. Julie Zundel

    I chose your key to comment on for my week 3 assignment.

    Using your key, I could ID plants 1-4 -so it worked.

    Recommendations: I would use the format:

    A. Has flowers – B
    A’. Does not have flowers -C
    B. Flowers are purple – plant 1

    (And so on)

    Also, you divided up plant 1 into two separate species (maybe you’re right, but I just called it plant 1).

    Your methods of classifying were – overall – similar to mine (needles vs leaves and then flower color).


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