Dichotomous Key

Attached is my attempt at a dichotomous key for the plants provided in week 2. Based on what I can see, plant 2 seems to be a complete flower. But, if that is not true, I’ve also created a second option for my key that circumvents that issue!

Option 1

Option 2


  1. Nicole McGee

    Sarah, I really appreciate you including the pictures with your key (I wish I had done that to make things a little easier for the person reading the key). I also appreciate that you went a step further with providing the second option. I like how easy your key was to read. In fact, so easy to follow I could see using the 2nd option in particular in my 3rd/4th grade class.

    Thank you for your time and work on this project. Well done!

  2. Chasity Perez

    Hi Sarah,
    What a great idea to make two keys highlighting the same thing with different vocabulary. I was a little “conflicted” myself on how to identify the petals on plant 4, which is why I focused on other attributes. Both keys are really easy to follow and I feel like either one could be used successfully if the sample was physically presented, at least to my naked eyes!
    Have a great week,

  3. Tyshawn Khaalis

    I think this was structured very well and gives me more insight into how I potentially should’ve structured my own key. This assignment still confuses me because I have trouble identifying which observations are mutually exclusive enough… as in, I don’t necessarily know which observations of a given plant to emphasize in comparisons.

    You, however, have made this easy to follow and contextualize. I think the observations you made are direct and visible, and that it reads seamlessly. Your inclusion of the photos in correspondence with the text helps as well. Personally this is the most clarified dichotomous key I’ve reviewed; I should take notes!

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