Plant Bingo

Whew. Iʼm glad we were able to swap out a few terms to match what we have around us! I was finding the project really tricky until then. I really looked for siliques but I am not very familiar with ericaceae yet so was floundering a bit. I also really wanted to see a diadelphous stamen and saw lots of lupine, but kept reading conflicting reports as to whether you can handle this plant safely. Some sources said it was fine to touch but not to eat the seeds, other said it was fine to eat cooked but wear gloves while handling. Another reason to keep learning! The strawberry flower is a bit small but does have both stamen and pistils.

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  1. Excellent job Ali! I love the spurs on your columbine! All of these are spot on. Yes, the lupines are a bit of an issue, although I have often harvested the seeds, and have not had any issues. Here is another pictures of the diadelphous stamens in legumes. If you have vetch in your area, it should show the diadelphous stamens too, or the oxytropes in your area will show it. Find a neighbor who has some peas 🙂

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