Plant Bingo

I enjoyed this “game” and really felt like I was on firmer ground vocab-wise by time I got it together to fill the card. Needle was from Sitka spruce. (Spring tradition down here is collecting the tips of new growth to trade at our brewery for beer. Connation was fused petals of harebell. Columbine could be divided any way through the middle and demonstrate radial symmetry (actinomorphic.) The lupine stamens didn’t really show but they are in my plant dissections. Silique is from lupine, too. I spent a lot of time with fireweed blossom as those “Dr.Seuss”-type stigma intrigued me.Palmate veination is a tiny thimbleberry leaf. Usually they are larger than my hand. Adnation shows the stamen fused to the sepals and one could make a case that the styles are fused to the stamen. That’s a thimbleberry fruit beginning to form. And porate anther dehiscence is a poppy and I only discerned that from reading. Maybe it’s not even true. I had just watered (HOT down here in Haines) and it was hard to see things clearly on the poppy. My mom loved poppies so I try to plant some every year to remember her.

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  1. Thanks Patty! I think most of these are spot on, although it is hard to make some of the details on some of these. I think the Delphinium has a zygomorphic flowers, you can only cut the flower along one plane of section to get two equal sections. See here for a nice article
    Your silique is a legume, so have a look at some of the other posts, where I discuss why these fruits are different, even though they are visually similar in some cases. Nice job!

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