Plant dissections

I really enjoyed this project. I actually included my two nieces and my eldest son in this activity. They are ages 3, 7, and 5. We had a lot of fun taking flowers apart and sorting the different parts of each that we found. I did the Oxeye daisy dissection with my 7 year old niece. We then played with the ThingLink site and she helped add images and choose labels for that plant. I had a lot of fun building images using ThingLink, but oh wow did I struggle with the sharing part on that! I just could not figure it out, so I took a screen shot of each of my images created in ThingLink and made a collage of sorts in google slides. I hope the links work and you get an idea of what I created.

Fuchsia Plant –

Nasturtium Dissection –

Yellow Squash Dissection –

Oxeye Daisy Dissection –

This is the first link from ThingLink.

This is the second link from ThingLink.

This is the third link from ThingLink.

This is the fourth and final link from ThingLink.


  1. Amazing work Jennifer! Wow! If you ever want to get into botany, I think you have a great eye for this and are a great teacher! Your kids will cruise through science for sure. Well done. The photography is extraordinary as well. Wow!

    I had to laugh on the Nasturtium sepals though… 5 sepals and a ‘tail’. That was cute. This is actually the nectar spur and is concealing where the nectar sits. We used to used collected these and cut a short piece off of the spur and suck the nectar out of these, delicious!

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