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Hello dear friends, my name is Adelys and I live in Orlando, Florida. I am in the process of finishing my OEC in Ethnobotany, and this class was one of the requirements. I am excited to get to know all of you and the plants in your environment.I am a stay at home mom and an amateur herbalist, I enjoy hiking and forage occasionally. Recently i did a death doula course and am curious as to how ethnobotany and that path intersect. Plants have been apart of my life since a very young age, and something I’ve always struggled with is remembering the scientific terms and hope this course can help me grasp a better understanding of the terminology associated with plants, and their taxonomy. One of my favorite plants to connect with is the Cameilla tree, in the Theaceae family. It’s a small tree almost shrub like and it produces these beautiful flowers that almost look like roses. My local botanical garden, mead gardens has an orchard full of different varieties. I hope you enjoy this picture of a unique one.

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  1. Welcome Adelys,
    Glad you are enjoying the OEC program, there have been many students that enrolled in the BIOL190 course over the years, and Lisa always tells me once they complete this course, they have a better grasp of the morphology of plants. I love camellias, we used to grow them in Germany indoors while I was growing up and it was always a major event when they flowered. Here is Alaska, I have started a peony collection instead. They can be grown outside, and there are many variety, colors, and growth forms. Nosegay is an early flowering peony, that is always a show stopper.

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