Introduction: Dana Miller


My name is Dana Miller and I was raised here in Alaska exploring the woods and tundra! I originally moved her when I was about 5 years old and kind of jumped around the state until I landed in Fairbanks for college. I have always had a slight interest in plants, my journey started right in the middle of my paternal grandmother’s garden in the HOT state of Texas. She gave me a love for plants and I definitely brought that love with me when my family moved up to Alaska. I am currently a wildlife biology major, and even though I choose to take this class to complete a requirement, I am very excited to see how much I can learn about the plants here! When it comes to Alaska flora I don’t think there isn’t a plant I don’t find interesting, expect maybe cattails… I currently work at Denali National Park, so I am hoping that by taking this class I will be able to learn more to help educate out of state visitors about the amazing plant life we have here in Alaska! My favorite plant that is found in Alaska is definitely the fireweed. When we moved to Alaska my maternal grandmother was already living here and she had a deep love for fireweed and the stories or legends that went along with them. She told my sister and I those stories and we both also love the plant now. I decided to use a photo I have of probably some of the most important beings in my life enjoying the fireweed, my dogs!

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  1. Welcome Dana,
    yep, those four-legged friends make life a whole lot of fun. We have a 4-year old lab and he loves the outdoors. Doing zoomies, jumping in the lake, always having a good time. Sounds like you will be seeing lots of wildflowers in Denali, so just take your phone along on a hike and you should be able to easily snap some pictures of some flowering plants.

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