Introduction: Sarah Duot-Kelley

Hi! My name is Sarah Duot-Kelley and I’m going to be a sophomore at UAF this upcoming school year. I’m a Wildlife Biology major, but I’m heading towards the veterinary medicine path where I plan to be an exotic or wildlife vet. I’m from Anchorage, Alaska and I’ll be doing this class from there! This summer I am working at Wildscoops and volunteering with the Alaska Zoo. I grew up with a gorgeous garden that my mom maintains, but I love helping her. She grows peony’s, lilies, delphinium’s, and so many other flowers. I have two geckos named Freckle (crested gecko) and Nemo (leopard gecko) and I have a yellow lab named Lilly! I also enjoy taking care of house plants. Last summer I built my crested gecko, Freckle, a bioactive terrarium with some pothos, snake plants, and monsteras.

Some of my favorite flowers are hyacinths, lilacs, lilies, and lily of the valley. I like taking lilacs and making them into sugar cookies or putting them in sugar. My favorite tree is weeping willows. I’ve always thought they look so peaceful and pretty.

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  1. Welcome Sarah,
    Looks like Lilly is enjoying the flowering bliss from your garden! Our youngest daughter is called Lilli. So many different ways of spelling this name. Sounds like you are getting some great exposure and training for being a wildlife vet both during the summer at the Alaska zoo as well as at home taking care of those animals. Lilacs are fun and there is so much nectar in the flowers, I can see how they would be great in sugar. Attached a bee going for the nectar in lilac from

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