Self Introduction

Hello, Barbara Martin here in Tanana (34years?), sort of getting the hang of BlackBoard…
another beautiful day in paradise, Spring is BURSTING, I have shared what I call the “Bloom Report” with anyone I can find who might be interested.
The Calypso Orchids are blooming on top of Mission Hill now, also a quite worrisome spread of Death Camas.
I am both excited and anxious about this Class.


  1. Avatar photo Lucia

    Hi, Barbara. Calypso orchids are blooming in my neighborhood too! And yesterday the first wild roses opened on our land here in North Pole. And all the usual early bloomers. It’s wonderful that you keep your community updated with the “Bloom Report.”

  2. Welcome Barbara,
    no need to be anxious about this course! It will be a lot of fun. We are doing as little as possible with Blackboard if that alleviates some stress 🙂 Most everything will be found on this website. Please share your bloom report address with us, sounds very interesting!

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