Dichotomous Keys

I struggled with this assignment too. I’m not sure how technical it is suppose to be and ended up spending a lot of time trying to find the scientific names of each one and this is what I have:


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  1. Thanks Kat,
    I will write the instructions more explicitly next time, so that the expectations of this exercise are more straightforward. I “just” wanted you to write a dichotomous key for dividing the bins up from each other, not to write a key for each bin and identifying each species.

    Please read the other posts and my announcement I made to the class today to look a simple way of making the dichotomous key. Sorry you spend so much time on figuring out what was in each bin. You got very close:

    1. Picea glauca (Moench) Voss
    2. Boechera divaricarpa (A. Nelson) A. Löve & D. Löve (=Arabis divaricarpa)
    3. Anemone patens L. (= Pulsatilla patens)
    4. Salix bebbiana Sarg.

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