Hello, I’m Chelsea and I’ve lived here in Fairbanks area for nearly 20 years. I’m currently working as a Pharmacy Technician while I try finish my degree and figure out what I really want to do as a career. I live in Ester with my husband and I’m a mom to a super cool four year old girl who loves nature and plants so hopefully I can pass some of what I’ll be learning here onto her. I’ve always been very interested in the local plants and more recently in gardening. Fun fact: as a child I definitely got in trouble for eating berries I found growing around my house because I saw birds and squirrels eating them and figured if they were eating them I probably could.

My apple saplings! The seeds came from an apple my daughter had as a snack. Planted mid February.

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  1. Welcome Chelsea, plants hold a treasure trove of surprises, from amazing forms, colors, to incredible chemicals that have been used for centuries, such as willow branches for the treatment of migraine, which was later picked up for aspirin (salicylic acid), and many many more uses. But in a similar way plants also contain many toxic substances and baneberries in the Interior can often grow close to high-bush cranberry bushes, but to mistake one of these fruits could be deadly.

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