Introduction: Erin Strand

I moved to Kodiak to work for the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge about a year a half ago and I am completely enamored with Kodiak Island and Alaska. I am originally from Washington State but I have also spent a significant amount of time in California, Australia and Japan. I have a degree in environmental science but I have mostly focused on wildlife conservation in the past. Moving to Alaska has sparked much more of an interest in plants in me and I now consider myself a beginner gardener and forager. Some of my favorite plants are star gentian, salmon berry, and sundews. I have ordered a macro lens for my smart phone which has not arrived yet and will build a plexi-glass stand to go with it.

A Star Gentian (Swertia perennis) found on the south west coast of Kodiak Island.


  1. Welcome Erin,
    what an amazing job, I bet you see lots of really spectacular wildlife, and from what I have seen on photographs and collections, the flora of Kodiak is incredible too. I have yet to make to Kodiak, but it is on my list of places to visit. I have been to Unalaska, but there are no trees to speak of on Unalaska as compared to the Sitka spruce forests on Kodiak. I hope this class will bring the flora a bit closer to you, and I am looking forward to watch you make observations in iNaturalist. Attached an image from our visit to Unalaska… a beautiful place of Alaska.

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