Plant Dissections


  1. Trim Nick

    I made one error in the dandelion dissection (Plant Dissection 2). In slide 7, I referred to the area below the inflorescence as the “filament”, which it is not. I meant to type in “receptacle” and typed filament instead. I realized in hindsight that the filament is a part of the stamens (the “he” part of the plant) that has the anther at the tip. Rather than going back and making corrections in the PP presentation, I am making it here as a comment. Thanks all for guidance with your posts. This has been fun!

  2. These are gorgeous trim, I am uploading the revisions as you have indicated. I am so proud of you that you made an effort and followed the instructions and made these incredible dissections and photographed each of the parts so carefully. The Parnassia is my favorite. Those staminodes with the yellow-glandular tips are just so pretty. Thanks for showing off your newly acquired botanical knowledge, I hope you will continue to explore nature and share with others in Bethel when you get a chance! Nicely done. Here is a collage of Parnassia.

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