Plant Bingo 2023

I tried to find a live specimen for the “porate anther dehiscence”. I had just planted an American wintergreen, which is in the Ericaceae family, but the squirrels had eaten all the berries! I decided to use my drawing of crowberry that I drew for EBOT 100 last summer. There are not a lot of the Ericaceae family in my area, so that was the best I could do.


  1. Thanks Denise,
    this is great! Yes, you also can replace one of the terms with a term you would like to feature with an image, so these all work well. The porate anther dehiscence is always a bit tricky, especially if you are not in Alaska. Here is a recent example from a dissection of Vaccinium uligonosum with porate anther dehiscence and anther appendages.

  2. Denise Wally

    That is really interesting. I don’t even remember learning about that in botany during my undergrad (so, so long ago). I want to find plants that have that feature, here. We don’t have too many Ericaceae species here, but we have a few. I’ll be on the hunt for them!

  3. Emily Becker

    Hi Denise. This is awesome and so helpful. Can you explain why the bee balm shows adnation? I need some more examples, please and thank you!

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