I thought this assignment was a lot of fun. I have some holes on my card. I am specifically struggling with the connation/adnation option. I’m not sure what to look for as fused unlike parts. I included a photo from my hike today of a chocolate lily with really cool …

Plant Bingo

Good challenge! I wasn’t able to find an example for each one of the listed terms so I substituted something similar for those squares. I used my USB microscope for some of the photos on this assignment. I am still working out some of the finer points of microscope photography. …

Plant Bingo

I really enjoyed this assignment. Went on a scavenger hunt with my grandson and explaining things to him only helped me. We could not find a silique and thieved a brussel sprout from the fridge.


This was actually a lot of fun, I was able to use my microscope and dissection kit. I trie to test myself and pull one plant and from that single plant cut and label as much as possible to fill the entire BINGO board, and because of that it actually …

Plant Bingo

This was a fun lab to do. Sorry if some of the photos are a bit pixelated, I had trouble getting the camera to focus at times. But other than that, I loved getting up close to the flowers and plants to see the uniqueness of each one. PLANT BINGO