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Actinomorphic yellow nasturtiums below Siliques from unknown species from in my yard Adnation Petunia plant Below Needles from Spruce Tree Below Inferior Ovary from Petunia Plant Connation from basil species below palmate venation from unknown species found below


I apologize for the late post. Traveling and inclimate weather have stifled my productivity! These pictures are those that I’ve found around Seattle as well as on my travel to the area. Any comments as to what I may have misidentified would be much appreciated!

Plant Bingo

Do many species of grasses exhibit porate anther dehiscence? Moving to things I did find: Inferior Ovary –  Chamaenerion latifolium Connation –  Erythranthe guttata(?) Palmate venation – species unknown (some kind of saxifrage?) Adnation – Sanguisorba stipulata Actinomorphic –  Ranunculus acris(?) Needles – either a shabby  Picea glauca  or an …

Plant Bingo

Hello, I worked real hard to research and compare what plants I saw out at Kincaid Park today in Anchorage with these terms.   Hopefully I have the right idea and understanding.   My plants too, wilted and withered very fast, so just these pictures will have to do for …

BINGO Card_Josh

Hi everyone! This is my BINGO card. Instead of adding photos I just added the actual items and took a single picture. When I went back to take macro-lens pictures all of my specimens were wilted. So for now this is my submission. Please let me know if you have …